Questions & Answers

1. The birds don’t want to eat the fat balls - why? + Open

2. How do the birds know when I have started feeding them?

+ Open
3. Do the  birds sleep – and how – and do they lie down like humans? + Open
4. Can wild birds die of thirst when snow and ice deny access to drinking water? +Open
5. Should I avoid feeing the birds and let nature take its course by ensuring that only the      strongest survive? + Open
6. When are the birds most hungry? + Open
7. What do birds do in the course of a day? + Open
8. Birds often fly close together. How do they manage to avoid collision? + Open
9. How and why do birds flock together (e.g. Starlings):
    - have they an appointed meeting place?  
    - what is ‘black sun’ – and how do migratory birds find their way?
10. Talk a little bit about the blackbird – is it really possible that the same pair of
       blackbirds has resided in my garden for the past two years?
+ Open
11. How do the birds find a mate of the same species? + Open
12. I have seen some birds that are almost naked in my garden –
       can you explain this?
+ Open

13. There are lots of bird couples in my garden but sadly only one pair of the pretty
       robin. Why aren’t there more robins?

+ Open

14. Can birds get drunk – I’m thinking of the saying ‘as drunk as a jackdaw’?

+ Open
15. Do birds see in colour? + Open