Bird favourites

We are one of the world’s biggest producers of fat balls or High Energy Fat Snax, as we have chosen to call them.

This carries a heavy burden of responsibility. We therefore test our products in Danish gardens all year round in order to ensure that the birds are completely satisfied at all times with the food we prepare for them. High-quality products are key in safeguarding the health and well-being of the birds.

Just as with people, birds have their favourite ‘dishes’ and our Nature for all seasons range comprises all of these.

In addition to fat balls with and without nuts, we provide a complete range of bird seed packs including sunflower seed, mixed seed, nut, hempseed and muesli mix as well as three varieties of fat ball and combined bird seed packs.

Most of the varieties are available in different sizes so you can easily find the one that suits you.

We know that the birds consume up to four times as much in the summer half-year as they do in the winter half-year. We therefore recommend that you feed your garden birds a varied selection of bird food all year round. See here how much birds eat at feeding stations throughout the year.

On the back of the packs you can see when and how to feed your garden birds. The illustrations look like this: