High Energy Seed Mixtures





Seed mixes are an important source of energy

We provide two varieties of wild bird seed mixes for garden birds. A standard mix and a luxury mix.

Both contain all the essential nutrients and have a high, balanced content of proteins and carbohydrates suited to the needs of the birds.

The luxury mix consists of several of the birds’ favourite seeds such as millet and sunflower seed. We know that garden birds love this mix and that it attracts many different garden species.

For seed mixes, we recommend using bird tables or bird feeders all year round.

We also sell a muesli mix. A scrumptious and nutritionally balanced mix of oatmeal with a fatty coating, peanuts and raisins.

The mix has been specially developed to attract many different species of bird to the garden all year round.

Raisins are dried grapes, which are rich in energy and antioxidants that protect against the breakdown of cells by free radicals.  Many garden birds enjoy eating dried fruit.

Peanuts are a rich source of energy and are loved by many garden birds.

Oatmeal is rolled whole oats which have a high fat content compared with other cereals. More than 40% of the fat is unsaturated and thus healthy fatty acids.
Despite this we have still coated the oatmeal with a delicious fat, which ensures that the energy needs of your garden birds are covered – also during periods when they need that little bit extra.

We recommend using bird tables or bird feeders all year round.