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How do the birds know when I have started feeding them? I started the other day and I still haven’t seen any birds.

Answer: Normally the birds always locate the places where they can quickly, easily and safely find food.
Sometimes, when they have surplus energy, they fly off in search of new gardens and feeding areas, and like many other animals in nature, they show and tell each other about where there is available food.
Without constant access to natural food sources or food from garden feeding stations provided by you and your neighbours, small birds quickly use up their energy resources because of their size.
They therefore have to know where they safely can find food. Only when there is an abundance of food do they spend energy searching for more exciting and varied feeding stations.

In winter it may therefore take up to a month or more before you have succeeded in establishing a regular bird population in your garden but in summer it takes a little less time for the birds to discover that you have begun feeding them.
So don’t worry. They will come in time.

A good piece of advice: The two best months in the year to quickly establish a regular bird population from scratch are April and September. These are the months when the birds have a ravenous appetite. In contrast, the month when garden birds consume most food at feedings stations is July.