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Should I avoid feeing the birds and let nature take its course by ensuring that only the strongest survive?

Answer: NO! I know that there are still many so-called experts who claim that it does not help to feed wild birds and that at worst you risk ensuring the survival of weak individuals at the cost of the continued survival of the ‘healthy’ bird population.
It is often these same self-appointed experts who take the view that it is healthy for nature now and then to reduce the numbers of wild birds based on the notion that the weak birds die and only the strong survive.
A ‘natural’ regulation of the bird population, as they call it. But they are wrong! For fate and nature seldom distinguish between the weak and the strong.
When a bird of prey, a cat, a car or a glass window pane, for example, causes the premature death of a small bird it is an accident that fails to distinguish between whether the bird was weak or healthy.

With regard to illness, it may be a good thing that only the strongest survive but just because a bird is strong and survives a virus attack does not mean that it is strong in other areas as well.

And let me stress here that studies HAVE shown that feeding birds makes a difference.