Birdsong and spring go hand in hand

The birds’ energy needs are greatest in the spring when we tend to stop feeding them because we believe they can easily manage on their own due to the warmer weather. But we need to remember that nature’s larder is still empty. There is no seed, berries or fruit.

When the weather gets warmer, the birds’ activity level rises sharply. The birds break out in merry song to attract a mate and mark out their territory. Soon they are building nests and the first brood of chicks is on its way. During this period the adult birds have an increased energy need and this need becomes even greater when the chicks hatch, for they are constantly hungry and their parents spend all their time in search of food.

The birds consume a great deal – sometimes as much as four times their intake during the winter half-year.
You can help the small chicks to get a good start in life and to develop into healthy young birds by feeding them a varied, energy-rich diet from your garden feeding station and by ensuring that they have a regular supply of fresh, clean water for their drinking and bathing needs.

The parents birds will often take care of their young in the first few weeks outside the nest. The parents hop about the garden, teaching the chicks how to get by in the great world outside. Watching the birds can be a great source of enjoyment and entertainment – for children and adults alike. It is rewarding to watch the small fledglings grow up into mature birds.