What do the birds eat?

The birds’ favourites change according to the seasons

Both animals and humans have the instinctive ability to select food that contains essential nutrients.

The birds’ instinct also tells them which nutrients they lack and thus which food they need to eat at  given times.

The different birds have extremely varied food and nutrient needs.

By feeding throughout the year you may find that passerines do not eat much fat ball during the winter, whereas the opposite is the case in the summer half-year.

It is exciting and educational to study the birds’ choice of food at the feeding station throughout the seasons.

Like humans, birds require energy from fat, protein and carbohydrates in order to function properly. During certain periods the birds eat a lot of food with a high fat content in order to function properly.
During other periods they prefer food with a high carbohydrate content in order to produce energy that can quickly be converted.

Here you can see which varieties the birds prefer.

There is a big difference in the way garden birds prefer to consume their daily meals.

The agile tits like to hang downwards from a fat ball.

Sparrows look for a flat surface on which to sit while other species such as the chaffinch almost exclusively search for food on the ground.

Here you can read about some of the birds that guest Scandinavian gardens and how they eat.