Summer, sun and lots of chicks

When you feed the birds throughout the summer you will find that most species have 2-3 broods during this period.

Their energy needs therefore continue to be great.

Despite the fact that the parents do all they can to teach their young about life outside the nest, the young birds initially find it hard finding food on their own, even when nature’s spring larder is full.

There is an old saying that good folk attract good folk. This also applies to birds in the garden. The comings and going of birds at your feeding station will soon attract more birds to the garden.

When you provide a varied selection of energy-rich food at your garden feeding station in summer, you will attract many loyal feathered visitors and experience a greater diversity of species than in winter.

Remember to change the birds’ water supply regularly. Fresh water can increase the number of birds in your garden by as much as 50%.