High Energy Mix Packs





We have organised our bird favourites into different menus

We have combined several packs containing different favourites.

These packs come in different sizes. Common to all of them is that they contain some of the birds’ top favourites: Fat balls, sticks, nuts and/or sunflower seed.

All our product varieties are natural favourites and ideal for feeding your garden birds all the year round.

We guarantee that these menus will attract many varieties of bird to your garden feeding station.

The packs are ideal for those of you who want to provide the birds with a varied menu all year round, but who perhaps do not have a great deal of storage space.

You can use the packs as a gift to a friend instead of giving traditional flowers or wine. The recipient will get many enjoyable hours from feeding and watching garden birds all the year round.

We recommend feeding using hanging feeders, bird feeders or placing food directly on bird tables.