High Energy Snax rich in Fat NO NET back





A natural favourite all year round

We are proud of our High Energy Snax rich in Fat No Net.

We have made things easier for those of you who prefer to feed garden birds with fat balls without netting, and offer two different varieties:

A bucket containing 35 fat balls, which is ideal for storage and a bird feeder with five fat balls. The bird feeder is made of stainless steel. The design is very simple, making the bird feeder extremely hygienic, easy to clean and refill. And birds love it because whole flocks of birds can sit on it and eat at the same time. It is a joy to watch.

Our fat balls are made from fat and a mix of seed and grain. All our raw ingredients are of the highest quality.

Grain is rich in fibre, protein and B Vitamins and contains Vitamin E, minerals and small amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. Both vitamins and nutrients are crucial in safeguarding the health and well-being of the birds.

They are tasty, a rich source of energy and a classic favourite among garden birds. The high fat content ensures that the products always stay soft and can be consumed by garden birds all year round.

Fat balls are well suited to all-season feeding and are sure to attract many different species of bird to your garden feeding station.

We recommend using bird feeders and placing food directly on bird tables.

When using bird tables, it is a good idea to spread the fat ball out over the table.