High Energy Snax rich in Nuts back





Birds love nuts

Human beings require a rich varied diet to meet their nutritional needs. So too do garden birds.
Our complete range of fat balls and snacks therefore also includes different varieties with nuts.

Our fat and nut varieties are extremely tasty, rich in energy and a natural favourite among all garden birds.

The high fat content ensures that the products always stay soft and can be consumed by garden birds all year round.
Nuts are extremely nutritious, tasty and have a high oil content.

These varieties will attract many species of bird to your garden feeding station.
We recommend using hanging feeders, bird feeders and placing food directly on bird tables all year round.
When using bird tables, it is a good idea to remove the netting and spread the fat ball out over the table.
When using bird feeders we recommend removing the netting from the ball before placing inside the bird feeder. This makes it much easier for the birds to eat.